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Why Do Explainer Videos Work So Well?

What precisely is an explainer video and why does it work so well today? To learn everything, there is to know about this kind of media.

Less than 15 seconds are spent on a webpage by an average internet visitor or reader. This implies that you have just a few seconds to capture and hold your users’ attention. Otherwise, they will leave your website.

Businesses typically concentrate on using text on their websites. However, you need to have something that will better capture their interest when you take into account that consumers will click off after 15 seconds.

For instance, an explainer video works well to keep visitors on your website and get their attention.

An Animated Explainer Video: What Is It?

So let’s start by defining an animated explainer video.

You’ve probably figured what it might be by now. It’s a brief, straightforward short animated video  that covers a variety of topics you might want to discuss with your audience. It could be anything, such as the history of your company and brand, your goods and services, or a sophisticated concept involving your brand.

The average length of a explainer video is often between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Users will be interested in this since it is just the right length—not too long that they become bored and leave your short animated video. Additionally, the video editors will apply their skills and knowledge to make sure the animated explainer video is engaging.

As implied by the name, animated explainer videos incorporate animations like stop motion, motion graphics, and other styles to make their points. These can be helpful if your notion is abstract and difficult to understand without some visual aids.

The possibilities for animated explainer videos are virtually endless. Basically, you can obtain anything you want to display. Additionally, because you don’t need to deal with actors (other than voice actors), the process is more flexible and you don’t need to keep to a set timetable.

An animated explainer video might give your brand the funnier, lighter vibe you’re searching for. Animations are typically lighter in tone. So, if a cartoon figure appears on screen instead of a man in a suit, that alone can drastically alter the tone you’re trying to create.

Why Do Explainer video production services Philippines work So Well?

So now you are aware of what an animated explainer video is. However, why are they so successful?

Humans prefer to see things visually rather than having to read about them and create them in their minds. But there are a lot of additional factors that contribute to explainer videos’ effectiveness. Continue reading to learn what they are.

1. They Dissect Complex Concepts

Say your offering is a SaaS. This can be rather esoteric, not to mention challenging to comprehend. Even entry-level employees frequently struggle to fully explain your offering. How can you expect your clients to grasp it properly if they themselves can’t?

Using an animated explainer video is a fantastic method to divide a complicated concept into manageable pieces. It’s an easy approach to convey a difficult concept. These videos can be used not only to draw in clients, but also to instruct your team so that they are fully knowledgeable about your product or services.

The dual coding hypothesis is the basis for why this works so well. Even if someone reads text that clearly explains a difficult concept, there are still situations where it is insufficient. An animated explainer video combines verbal and nonverbal processing, which can cause concepts to suddenly make sense to viewers.

Explainer Video

2. They Increase Audience Engagement

Even when reading something you’re interested in or passionate about, sitting down and reading through pages of text may be boring. After all, it’s a little too similar to studying for a test.

Even if you hire the most captivating copywriter to write for your website, visitors will eventually leave. Recall the 15-second figure? Do you still recall the dual coding theory?

Audiences find videos far more enticing since they can hear and see visual signals in addition to the text (in subtitles). This involves senses other than simply sight and provides them more to look at than just words.

3. You can more clearly demonstrate how your products and services actually work

Animated Explainer videos, as we mentioned earlier, can demonstrate the inner workings of your products or services. Clients cannot be invited into your factory or office and given individual demonstrations if they have questions about them; it would be impossible to do so.

It would be good to have a manual or product page, but it just won’t be as efficient as having an animated explainer video. When watching a video, the average viewer retains 95% of the message, compared to only 10% when reading text.

A straightforward way to create an explainer video is to just document a typical day in the office or factory. Alternatively, you might add an explainer animation to delve even further into the inner workings of your product or services. They’re excellent for demonstrating mechanics that live-action videos couldn’t otherwise capture.

4. You Have Total Control Over Your Brand

Utilizing explainer videos has the obvious advantage of greatly increasing viewer engagement. When you engage with an animator and graphic designer, your explainer animations will be branded in the best ways possible. However, you can still exercise discretion over what and where is broadcast.

This implies that you are in complete control of your branding. You won’t have to experience the feeling that it is in another person’s control and that you are subject to their judgment.

5. Each shot is completely under your control

Since this is a video promoting your company, you should have complete control over every shot. This can be done with an explainer animation. Since everything is entirely animated from scratch, nearly every pixel will have your personal approval.

Although you can still have some control over live-action explainer videos, it still doesn’t compare to the level of control you’d have with animations.

6. They Have Many Uses 

These videos are timeless examples of expertly designed marketing collateral. This implies that you can use it for a variety of campaigns in the future, whether they focus just on raising awareness of your brand or selling goods and services. They are very useful for Social Media advertising and other channels.

This implies that you’ll get a great return on investment on your explainer video. You can share the video on social media, highlight it on your website, distribute it in email newsletters, and more in addition to posting it on your website.


You are now aware of the definition of an animated explainer video. Additionally, you now understand the advantages of explainer videos and why they are so powerful.

Although there are other efficient marketing strategies, having an animated explainer video made will give your campaign an extra degree of effectiveness. You will have a variety of ways to interact with your audience and hold their interest during the most important moments.

If you have not found a video editor who can create a stunning animated explainer video for your business, Get the expertise of explainer video Philippines team and make your way into becoming a better business!