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How Can An Animated Video Company Help Your Business? 

For businesses, animated video marketing can be a great way to achieve new heights in connecting with different market segments.

Animation video marketing offers you the opportunity to tell a compelling story that is relevant to your company or your customers. It lets you deliver captivating content that will connect with your customers and motivate them to decide to take action. However, the video marketing strategy needs to be executed correctly in order to yield the results you’re hoping for.

Explainer videos by DigiGlobal Solutions Corp. can create your marketing concept and make it come to life. They will explain how to use your product or service, why it’s good for customers, and how it solves their problems.

DigiGlobal Solutions Corp. is an animated video production company. They can create explainer videos which resonate with your customers to help make your point clear. These explainer videos are engaging, and creative and get your customers on board with what you’re selling. More importantly, is that the videos won’t cost you much and are longer-term lead-generation resources.

Here are a few key reasons to use animated explainer videos in the overall marketing strategy. These explainer videos can not only help your businesses convey its message but can also give your company more opportunities to stand out from your competitors.

1. Can Improve Sales and Conversions

Animated videos are one of the best ways for increasing conversion rates and online sales. They will catch the viewer’s attention and provide more clarity on the subject than any other type of video. According to Invisia, incorporating an explainer video onto a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Videos play an instrumental role in boosting sales – whether it’s direct or indirect. They are an inexpensive way to provide engaging content for potential customers. Prospects take interest when they see themselves being able to use your company’s products, services, or business features. They like that you offer different products and want to learn more about them.

Animated explainer videos go hand-in-hand with this because they allow prospects to visualize what it would feel like if they were actually using them!

2. Can Help Build Trust in Your Business

Customers will never pay you if they don’t trust your company and if they can get what they want for cheaper somewhere else. Thus, every strategy that you execute in your content marketing should be aimed at building this trust for your firm and should work to do this in different ways.

Providing helpful and trustworthy information will make prospects feel safe with your business. This can help with their buying decisions and encourage them to purchase from you. It just takes time to build this sense of security, so be patient and work with them until they’re fully prepared for buying from you. After that, you’ll need to teach them how to use your product or service.

Animated text videos are very effective at establishing trust because they provide educational and entertaining material – people can’t help but warm up to these products after watching the video.

3. Can Increase Brand Awareness

Using animations or motion graphics for your business might not seem to be an easy way to market it at first, but over time you’ll be able to see that animations will help you more than you think. It can be an excellent way to attract attention and create more business for your company.

There are many steps involved, from creating an idea for the video, approving it, and going through various phases of production. But this option has a very good return on investment (ROI) and it can also improve your brand visibility.

Making animated logo videos needn’t cost much either! There is plenty of affordable video editing software out there with pre-installed animation templates which make it really easy for you to come up with professional-looking ones without breaking a sweat – all thanks to these templates.

All in all, the key component required for a successful video would be content that appeals to your target audience or viewers because this will ensure its success when promoted online. Not only does this ensure more exposure, but also provides a greater opportunity for engagement.

4. Can Help Generate Online Leads

Explainer videos can help you rank higher on search engines because Google loves pages with media content. Many businesses create explainer videos to help get their message across in an easy and fun way.

Additionally, creating animated videos give visitors an incentive to stay longer at your site – this increases the chance of them clicking around or returning in the future videos also bring targeted traffic and leads from YouTube and Facebook, or other social platforms to your website when shared appropriately.

In fact, on average there are 300,000 video views each minute on Facebook.

5. Can Capture Mobile Audience

Mobile devices give people quick access to the wealth of data found on social media sites, such as Facebook. The user can read and post messages, view and upload photos, create events, play games with other users, and more.

What makes animated videos different is that you can create them using simple graphic design software and animate them with a very small budget. Not only are these creative videos effective for getting information out about your business, but they also often go viral leading to tons of new leads because one video can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people if it gets enough shares.

6. Can Help Explain Your Offers

Have you launched a new product or service? An explainer video would be perfect for explaining how it functions. These videos are engaging and can reach a wide audience.

83% of businesses display an explainer video on their website to showcase their effectiveness in closing leads according to Wyzowl.

Demonstrating your services or offers will make customers feel compelled to buy what they see rather than just reading about it if this is available for the type of product you are selling. They will be able to see for themselves what you have and why it’s worth their money, not only reading about it.

7. Can Gain Social Clout

All the major social media networks, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for example – support video content. These platforms are rapidly expanding their video offerings as they compete to become the go-to platform for news and entertainment.

Facebook has taken this type of experience to the next level with the introduction of Lifestage, Live Video, and 360 Videos. While Instagram does offer Stories and 60 Second videos.

YouTube is another story entirely though. It contains masses of prospects that you can nurture into your customer base through sharing animated films on these platforms, thus increasing your followers’ count and improving your clout on other social media sites.

8. Can Help Engage Your Prospects

Video content is excellent for education and an easy form of media consumption. Video content has an added benefit in that it can be consumed on any device which means people can watch at their own convenience.

Advertisers compete tirelessly for the attention of today’s demanding customers. With so many other distractions it’s difficult to catch the eye of potential customers. This makes consumers lazier to dive into services or read lengthy descriptions; they just want to see a product in motion, so they can tell if it will fix what they need.

There’s no better medium for conveying this message than animated video creations; we’ve seen them captivate virtually anyone who watches them – even those who are most resistant to change. Our team guarantees that using animation will give you an edge over competitors and allow you to earn twice as many leads on your marketing campaign.

9. Can Help You Stand Out in the Competition

Digital Marketing is transforming into an increasingly competitive field. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of different companies offering digital marketing services. This has made it difficult for businesses to find an agency that fits their needs and budget.

One of the best ways to separate yourself from your competitors is by using Animations. It will create more interest in your company, which will lead to better marketing for your product. Animation establishes you as a Creative, Innovative, Futuristic company that sets itself apart. We are not just creating animation for fun, we are building an empire.


Video has become a pillar of modern-day digital marketing. It has become one of the most powerful, cost-effective ways for companies to reach new customers and increase brand awareness. The advanced technology made available now, combined with the ease and use of distributing it via video and social media platforms, makes this tactic one every business needs in their marketing arsenal.

For impactful animated creations, you need creativity and an understanding of human psychology – so that you can produce something with minimal costs but maximum effect. This will not only make your viewers happier, but it will also give them something to share.

Get the expertise of DigiGlobal Solutions team and make your way into becoming a better business!